My idea of a perfect date

Sadly, I am currently single. But that doesn’t stop me from daydreaming about my kind of a perfect date! Here’s the list.

1. Go to amusement parks. I don’t know about your place but here in my country, we have Genting Highlands! It is well-known for its Vegas-style casino and its indoor and outdoor theme parks make it the perfect place for lovebirds. For me, outdoor activities such as flying fox and roller coaster are the best. It would be so much fun if you could ride it with your partner.

2. Picnic. All you need is food. The easiest date and probably the cheapest date ever. Can you imagine, reading a book with the sound of birds chirping around you, your boyfriend napping on your lap? How lovely it would be? Try it, you might create a scene. A good scene.

3.  Learn music. Attend guitar or piano class, you choose. Whatever it is, I’m sure you and your partner will have a great time together! Learning and trying something new is always fun. Or for another options, you could watch a theater, musical opera or go to a concert of your faves! Classy.

4. Hiking. Have I told you guys that I love outdoor activity? Oh I did? Spend your weekend with your partner hiking together would be a memorable experience for both of you. Watching sunrise and having coffees on top of the hill, what could possibly beat that.

5. Spa/Massage. After a tiring long days at the office, why not spend your day relaxing at your favorite spa! Doing massage together is so romantic. With a good music, and aroma hm hm nothing can go wrong!


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