13 things you need to know about me

Hi guys. So for my first blog post, i’m thinking about spilling some tea about myself. I promise a cup of tea won’t hurt anyone *sip**sip*

1. My guilty pleasure is the 70’s style. I love everything about the 70’s. From their glitter sparkly disco ball, the afro hair to their classic jumpsuit, everything screams perfection. Every wardrobe purchase I make has to be the seventies! For starter, you can match your gucci tshirt with a cute prada plaid skirt to make the 70’s looks trendy. Here are some looks I can’t get enough of  lately, or you can create your own look here.

2. My greatest fear is height. Yeah high places makes me trembling in fear and sometimes make me cry. But that doesn’t stop me from riding a roller coaster or doing a bungee jumping. Yes I did it eventho I cry while doing it. Embarressingggg

3. I can’t live without COFFEE! My DNA contains 80% coffee. I’m not kidding. It’s like my must-have accessory. I’d never start and end my day without a cup of black coffee or latte.

4. One of my obsessions is Taylor Swift. Oh I love her. Okay I never had a chance to meet her personally but I wish one day I will. My current favorite songs of her would be Enchanted from the Speak Now era and All You Had To Do Was Stay from the 1989 album.

5. I hate sad movies like the Titanic (great movie btw) or Ps I love you. To be honest, I hate everything that make me sad. Oh how sad. I mean if I know that movie would make me sad, I’d 100% not watching it. Never. For example, I heard/read it somewhere that the ‘Me Before You’ movie has a sad ending, to this day I haven’t watching it. Lmao.

6. My favorite quote is ‘No pain no gain’. It is necessary to suffer or work harder in order to succeed or make progress in whatever you do. This saying has help me so much in pursuing my goals. If you’re feeling like giving up, just remember ‘no pain no gain’.

7. My last movie that I saw in theater was ‘Valerian and The city of Thousand Planets’. I love Cara Delevingne and Dane Dehaan. They are my ultimate celebrity crush. However, I’d rate the movie 3/5. For a fantastic CGI, go see it guys! I hope to see ‘Atomic Blonde’ soon.

8. I’m looking forward to travel the world. I want to see the world with my own eyes. I really want to participate in any volunteering programs, or cycling and explore the desert. If I have a chance, I’d love to live in Iceland or New Zealand. They have the best view!

9. I own two dogs (Ben and Benny) and a cat (Black coz she’s black). They’re the cutest.  I love getting home to them (I live alone btw). I’m not sure if I’m a dog person or a cat person. Maybe both.

10. One thing I’ve lied about is dieting. Lol. I would tell everyone that I will dieting the next day but I won’t. I keep telling myself ‘I’m going to diet tomorrow’ but in the end I won’t. It doesn’t work on me. I loveee food. I am the best procrastinator when in come to diet!

11. I work at an IT company. It’s not a shitty job and they give me decent pay but I want something more than this! I definitely don’t want to spend my 8 hours a day doing something I hate. Urghhhh

12. I find people that so kind to animals and elderly are so attractive. People don’t need to wear fancy clothes or drive a conspicuous car to look great, you just need kindness. Or you can be both. Look good and be good. Sounds great to me. Always remember to wear kindness as your jewelry, people!

13. My lucky number is……13! A-ha. Go figure that out.



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